Carl Lueg memorial coin for IEHK Emeritus Wolfgang Bleck


Carl Lueg memorial coin for IEHK Emeritus Wolfgang Bleck

Wolfgang Bleck receives memorial coin © Stahlinstitut VDEh

In September 2023, the Steel Institute VDEh honored Prof. Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang Bleck with the Carl Lueg commemorative coin. This makes Bleck the 20th prize winner in the almost 120-year history of the commemorative coin. “It is a great pleasure for me to honor an extraordinary personality who has had a lasting impact on the field of metallurgy and materials technology for iron and steel,” said VDEh Chairman Henrik Adam in his laudatory speech. Wolfgang Bleck was not only head of the institute at one of the most renowned training centers for young academics in the industry (IEHK of RWTH Aachen), but also a member of the Senate, representative of the Rectorate, dean and vice-rector of RWTH. His commitment to the VDEh was also very special: Wolfgang Bleck was on the extended board for 24 years, had a significant influence on the collaborative work for materials technology and provided many distinctive impulses in professional training as a seminar leader and speaker at the Steel Academy.

“I am very happy and appreciate this award. In over 40 years of working, I have encountered economic problems in the steel industry, but the material itself has never known a crisis. With its special physical and chemical properties, it could be constantly adapted to new requirements. Steel forms the world's infrastructure, and only with it will the energy transition be possible. It is our job at the universities to demonstrate new material concepts and to inspire young people to become career materials engineers,” replied Bleck in his acceptance speech.

The awarding of the Carl Lueg memorial coin took place during the annual general meeting of the Steel Institute VDEh. This year, the Düsseldorf institute chose a particularly historic location for the event: the LWL Museum Henrichshütte in Hattingen.

Source: Steel Institute VDEh / Hubert Hunscheidt
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