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The Institute of Mineral Engineering (founded in 1928) consists of two chairs with individual focuses.

Department of Ceramics and Refractory Materials

Research and teaching at the Department of Ceramics and Refractory Materials, Professor Telle , aims at understanding material scientific correlations in the field of ceramics, and putting this knowledge into practice for industrial processes and applications. The range of materials spans the classic fields of refractory materials and silicate ceramics to technical ceramics and high-performance ceramics, and to bioceramics. Outstanding mechanical, physical and chemical properties of these different materials afford a wide range of applications, e.g. in mechanical engineering, in environmental and energy technologies, the semiconductor industry, and medical technology.

Department of Glass and Ceramic Composites

Another field is addressed by the Chair of Glass and Glass-Ceramics, Professor Roos. This department is concerned with the main research areas process technology, glass corrosion, thermochemistry of mineral materials, and composite materials. In the field of process technology, strategies to increase the efficiency of the glass melting process are developed. The research on glass corrosion is concerned with the hydrolytic resistance of multi-component glasses in contact with aqueous solutions. Calculations and analyses in the field of thermochemistry of mineral materials, material properties can be determined and predicted very precisely. Furthermore, the chair promotes the development of highly innovative composite materials, e.g. for combustion technology applications.

Key Research Areas