Department and Chair of Ferrous Metallurgy

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The Department and Chair of Ferrous Metallurgy under Professor Wolfgang Bleck's guidance is active in teaching and in the research of the fields: steel production and processing and application of metallic materials. The education is based on the principles of a education. The classes we offer are taught on a scientific and application-oriented level. Our research projects are both, based on the fundamentals and relevant for real-life problems. The projects concern current questions and thus, contribute scientifically to solving actual problems in the industry.

Key Research Areas

A) Materials processing

The focus of the Materials Processing group lies on the investigation of processes and properties of the solid state at medium to high temperatures. The relevant industrial process steps can be simulated in laboratory scale. The objectives are to develop new alloys, to identify process windows for industrial production, to generate model approaches and to predict parameters for microstructure design and mechanical properties.

B) Materials characterization

The activities of the Materials Characterization group cover the description of material properties, the determination of forming, crash and corrosion-behaviour, and the development of new measuring techniques. The objectives are the supply of material data, the characterization of complex behaviour, and the systematic alloy design.

C) Integrated Computational Materials Engineering

Integrated Computational Materials Engineering (ICME) aims the development and the integration of a process spanning and microstructure based simulation approach towards up-to-date material design and process optimization.

D) Nano structured Materials

The nano structured materials group aims the understanding of nano and atomic scale parameters controlling phase transformation and mechanical deformation towards achieving extraordinary material properties.