Bild © Foto: Martin Braun

As research and educational institute, the Foundry Institute at RWTH Aachen University, headed by Professor Andreas Bührig-Polaczek is a global leader in its field. The Institute offers its engineering students a thorough grounding, not only in the theoretical, but also the hands-on aspects of casting technology. Through the close cooperation with ACCESS e.V., a modern and well equipped analyzing laboratory is available for both institutions.

Key Research Areas

A) Innovative casting

Research subject is the new and further development of future-oriented casting technologies. One focus is on the exploration of lightweight constructions by multi-technology components and processes, which were investigated for instance in the cluster of excellence "Integrative production technology for high-wage countries".

B) Cast alloy development

To satisfy the requirements of optimized components and process needs, the identification of suitable material compositions by using modern methods is necessary. These include thermodynamic calculations and innovative structural analyses on the one hand and the verification of the required properties at the experimental level on the other.

C) Numerical simulation

On the genesis of innovative single- and multi-phase simulations both, thermo-mechanical and mathematic-physical models, are developed and investigated. This is done for different media combinations with both micro- and macroscopic application reference.

D) Bionic

Inspired by natural design principles among other microstructured surfaces and structurally optimized sponges are investigated and produced. The aim is to optimize the key characteristics of technical security devices and implants.