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The Foundry Institute of the RWTH Aachen, headed by Professor Bührig-Polaczek, counts among the most prominent research and teaching institutions in its field. The high reputation of the department rests on 3 pillars: the unity of research and teaching, the variety of research topics, as well as the close and constructive co-operation with partners from science and industry. The Institute offers the students a well-balanced theoretical and practical training in engineering.

The central research tasks at the Foundry Institute include both, projects oriented towards the fundamentals in the areas of metallurgy, solidification, production technology, cast materials, and casting processes, and application oriented problems of founding. With state of the art facilities and a committed staff, the Foundry Institute over the decades has established a track record in expertise and quality, as a reliable development partner for the industry. The connection between theory and practice allows a continuous transfer of knowledge in development as well as in the optimization of materials and processes. As a member of the excellence cluster “Integrative production technology for high-wage countries”, the Foundry Institute is already active in shaping the production technology of tomorrow. The competence and quality of the institute are guaranteed on a long-term basis through its international profile, its strategic research fields and its partnerships.

Key Research Areas