Institute of Metal Forming (IBF)

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The Institute of Metal Forming, headed by Professor Hirt, stands for teaching and research in the area of metal forming. This includes the bulk and sheet metal forming from semi-finished to finished products. The corresponding parts differ from extreme lightweight microparts to very heavy open die forming parts.

For the analysis of problems in metal forming the institute uses modern experimental facilities in industrial scale (rolling, open die forging, ring rolling and sheet forming). Additionally, a high number of precise model machines are available for practical experiments. On top of these experimental potentials the institute is well-known for its skills in numerical and analytical topics. Combined with sophisticated material testing facilities this allows a profound optimization of metal forming processes, machinery and materials.

Regarding teaching the institute provides many lectures, exercises, practical courses and projects. The following topics are covered: basics of metal forming, technology of process chains, theoretical solution methods and numerical simulation. External lecturers from industry deepen the understanding of certain topics and offer the students an early insight in the industry’s perspective. The close link between theory and reality is also the basis for the professional training offered at the institute. Courses specifically designed for companies and annual seminars are provided for the education of employees.

Key Research Areas